Footsteps of the dinosaurs @ Cabo Espichel

50 kilometers southwest of Lisbon, on the south western point of the Setúbal Peninsula, lies Cabo Espichel. It’s characterised by a dramatic, wild and barren coastline which has stunning and impressive views of the massive cliffs and the Atlantic Ocean.

The short hike to the footprints..

Beside the beautiful and mysterious sanctuary complex, Santuário de Nossa Senhora do Cabo Espichel, you can find footsteps from dinosaurs on the cliffs. GPS: 38.42042, -9.20815

Santuário de Nossa Senhora
Impressive views of the massive cliffs and the Atlantic Ocean

These footsteps are from the Jurassic dinosaur era and are identified as the big Sauropod dinosaurs and Theropod dinosaurs.

The Pedra da Mua are the larger set of dinosaur tracks and are clearly visible against the flat grey rock of the exposed cliffs.

massive foot prints of a dinosaur

The Pedra da Mua footprints date from the late Jurassic period (160ma), when the region was formed by shallow lagoons. Within the tracks are a total of nine different dinosaur pathways, with an estimate of 37 individual animals and the majority of dinosaur prints were from massive four-legged Sauropod dinosaurs.

These days sheep are foot printing the area …
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