Following Beethoven’s love story

After a hike around the Tihany peninsula, we were on the way to Budapest. Half way, we visited the Brunsvik palace, where Beethoven fell in love with Josephine.

Lake Balaton has a big peninsula parting the lake in two, which was easy to reach from our camping in Balatonfüred.
Tihany Abbey
For a lunch stop on our route to Budapest, we took a detour into a little forest, which turned out to be a little bit muddy and made a fun off-road section.

After we had left the muddy forest, we soon reached the beautiful palace of the Brunsvik family in Martonvásár.

At a little Beethoven museum, we could read some of the letters from Beethoven to Josephine Brunsvik. Luckily, they had the originals in German on display.
Brunsvik sisters
The palace is surrounded by a wonderful park with very old trees and a romantic lake with an island.

Josephine’s sister, Therese Countess von Brunsvik, was the founder of nursery schools in Hungary in 1828.

After leaving Martonvásár we soon reached the rush hour of Budapest.

Crossing the Danube 
Flower of the Day
Enjoying the evening at the campfire

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