Fishsoup for a rainy day

At the moment it was hard to find something fun to do. The weather was just grey skies with a permanent drizzle changing to more serious rain now and then. We used that time to work and to cook, to read and to surf.

We had found the most spectacular spot somewhere in the middle of Southern Norway. In summer we could have gone for a swim and made a camp fire, but we were happy with a walk along the lakes during the rain.

Ingredients for a delicious soup

Since Helsinki we are fans of the Finnish salmon soup, so we want to share our recipe with you today.

You need: leek, potatoes, carrots, maybe yellow turnip, lemon, bay leaf and of course salmon and dill.

I first fry the leek, then add the vegetables and a little bit later add the soup, salt and pepper and the lemon and bay leaf.

When the vegetables are ready I add the salmon, which just needs a minute, and the dill. We like to put some sour cream on top, and that’s it!


Lets see if we have to come up with another recipe or if we find something else to do. Find out on our next post.

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