First stop in Turkey: famous Edirne

We had reached Turkey after driving straight through Bulgaria, and stopped in Edirne, to visit the famous Selimiye Mosque which is considered the masterpiece of the important architect Sinan and the highlight of Ottoman architecture.

That we didn’t stop anywhere in Bulgaria, was because of their new toll system. With a camper over 3,5t you can only prepay a specific route, which you have to complete in 24h – how stupid is that? If you have any different information, let us know with a comment.

Modern part of Edirne
First glimpse of the mosque
Bazar below the mosque, built to finance the construction

The Selimiye Mosque was built in 1568-1574 by Sultan Selim II., its dome has an incredible diameter of 31 metres. The architect was the famous Koca Sinan, and this mosque is referred to as his masterpiece. Unusual is the position of the stand for the muezzin in the centre of the mosque.

We took a walk through the pedestrian area, while we waited for our washing to be done. That’s a great service, that you drop all your washing and a couple of hours later, you get everything washed, dried and folded for a price no self service laundry in Central Europe can compete with.

Laundry in Edirne

You can find this laundry on Park4Night of course. We paid 12,- Euros for 12 kg of laundry, an excellent service!

We are now on the way to Istanbul and chose a place near a lake for the night, where it was very peaceful. The last chance to relax before the bustling metropolis. More soon!

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