First hike in Slovenia

From the skiing area at the Rogla a lovely hike starts, which leads to a moor and some dark lakes which had a special surprise for us.

The route took us over grassland and through light forest, where a lot of blueberries where ready to be picked – and eaten ūüėČ

Ripe blueberries
Planks leading through the moor
Nice shot @ PENTAX K1 28mm prime f2,8

We finally reached a lookout point from where we could see the vast area of dwarf pines, which covered the moor. The lakes where not visible from here, but soon we reached them and were fascinated.

At the black lakes beautiful water lilies were in full bloom surrounded by their leaves, every flower just so perfect and gorgeous. At the first lake the lilies were a delicate pink, at the second lake they were white, which was a great contrast to the black water.

We spent quite a while there, admiring the flowers and chasing dragonflies with our camera, which circled at the lakes.

28mm prime f8,0 zone focus  / 100% crop
When we finally came back to our camper, we saw a nice parking and decided to stay up in the mountains, as here the temperature was much cooler than down in the valley where it had 30 degrees again. (Caravan parking at Rogla and start of the hike: 46.452900,15.331100)
Flower of the Day

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