First Days in Zambia

At Katima Mulilo, we finally left Namibia after 3 month and crossed the border into Zambia. We had met fellow travellers, Gerhard and Uschi, not only from Austria like us, but living just 15km from our home. We decided to travel together for a bit.

The border formalities took us 2 hours and then we were in a new country on our journey through Africa. We knew we would need Kwacha to pay some fees at the border, so we had to use the guys offering exchange along the road. Directly after the border, they wait for you to sell you SIM cards and data packages, easy to get that done too.

Money exchange the Zambian way
Namibian Dollars exchanged into Zambian Kwacha
Buying a SIM card with internet volume

After the border, we drove north, following the Zambezi. Our first destination were the Ngonye waterfalls. We stopped at the Ngonye River Campsite where we stayed under big trees with a great view over the white sand of the Zambezi. The next day, we went to explore the falls.

Ngonye River Campsite
Gerhard from Austria
Livingstone was here!
Our guide, taking us to the falls

250 km before the mighty Zambezi reaches the better known Victoria Falls, the river only plunges down 25 metres, but over a width of 1.2 km, interrupted by rocky outcrops. The water level was low at this time of the year but nevertheless the falls were very impressive.

Snake skin
Different seed pods we found at our camp
Sunset at the beach in front of our campsite

We will continue to Mongu, the capital of Barotseland, which is the region we were travelling through and our plan is to visit also the Liuwa Plain NP, as we are 3 cars now, making this endeavour possible for us. More on the following posts!

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