Ever heared about Balaguer?

Parking for the Night @ Balaguer

We didn’t know this town until we were looking for a stop for the night on our way to the Monegros Desert. When we reached this free caravan parking, we were surprised how nice this town at the river Segre appeared. The next day we went for a stroll along the river and to the Plaça de Mercadal in the old town.

Balaguer was reconquered from the Moors by Ermengol VI of Urgell in 1106. He made it his new capital, and it remained so for subsequent counts of Urgell.

Church of St. Mary above town
Plaça de Mercadal
Flower of the Day

What a nice town we had accidentally chosen for our stop for the night, just because we needed a supermarket. But now we are not far anymore from our destination – the Monegros Desert. More on our next post!

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