“Erdpyramiden” walk

Earth Pyramides or Hoodoos?? are strange formations formed by erosion. Many of them can be found in South Tyrol.

We visited the Hoodoos (I like this funny name) near Bruneck at Platten. From the parking (46.812199, 12.006029), we walk about 1/2 hour through a beautiful forest until we reached the pyramids.
Hike through a beautiful forest
Refreshing water at a fountain
 A couple of hundred years ago, a landslide destroyed a path connecting 2 farms. As it wasn’t very important, nobody repaired it. 1882 another big storm formed a big trench on the same spot. By repeated washing away of the sides of the trench, columns of clay with their top stones remained. These pyramids are under constant change, especially in winter and spring new columns appear regularly.

We came there in the late afternoon and were the only ones after the last family left. It was really impressive as these pyramids appear suddenly in the middle of the forest. There are a couple of viewing points, but it was hard to capture the magic this place has.

While a thunderstorm passed, we hid in the forest
Back at the parking
The parking would be suitable for a night, but we had read about a good restaurant nearby where campers can stay for the night. We could park there with beautiful views into the valley and enjoyed a delicious South Tyrolean dinner. The next morning was spent with office work before we drove down to Bruneck.

Flower of the Day

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