England (3) – Winchester -> Stonehenge

is this Stonehenge?

But before we could go there, we reached Winchester with the Cathedral we already saw while descending into town.

Winchester Cathedral

With park4night we found a parking where we could use the coach parking area and headed into town. It was Saturday and there was a market in the centre.

Market, we could not resist …

The Cathedral was closed because of a special service but we visited the Mill, which was put in action just when we arrived.

And at the Great Hall we saw the table of King Arthus and his knights.

the round Table of King Arthus (at the front wall)

On the way to Mottisfont Abbey we stopped at Hilliers Gardens, which had a beautiful and big parking where we had lunch.

Autumn @ Hilliers Garden

At Mottisfont Abbey we visited the manson and the gardens. The rose garden for sure is more impressive in early summer but I found some still flowering.


Mottisfont Garden

Roses @ Mottisfont
nice interior @ Mottisfont

In the evening we reached Salisbury. Already from far we saw the impressively tall tower standing out.  We visited the cathedral where a service was held with a choir singing and organ music which created a special atmosphere.

Salisbury Cathedral

During the night it was raining and kept on the next morning, so we slept long, worked on our photos and blog before we finally headed into town again.

traditional pub @ Salisbury

enjoying Salisbury

We visited Mompesson House near the Cathedral and then went to the New Inn for a wee lunch.

Mompesson House @ Salisbury

Tea @ Mompesson House

before dinner @ Mompesson House

In the afternoon we arrived at Woodhenge, a little henge made with tree poles and thenfinally at Stonehenge, which was really impressive, even though we had seen so many pictures and documentaries before.

tourists @ Stonehenge – like we are …

impressive formation

even compared to the trees behind 

about 1 Million people are visiting Stonehenge per year ..

and it was very cold …

For the night we returned to Woodhenge, where we had discovered a suitable parking for the night.

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