England (7) – Bottallack -> Oxford

Ruins of the Tin Mine @ Bottallack

The next day we had to work but left in the afternoon driving along the north coast to Bottallack where we had a look at the ruins of the tin mines. 

Tin Mine operating till 1920

In the evening we reached Holywell which has a beautiful beach. We went for a walk and stayed the night there.

Holywell beach

Girl leaving Holywell Beach @ 10 Celsius

The next day we wanted to see the famous castle of Tintagel which was a little disappointing. Apart from that there is not much left of this castle, it was closed due to the construction of a suspension bridge.

not many visible remains of Tintagel Castle on the two hills in front of us

We walked to the church nearby and visited the medieval house called the Old Post Office in Tintagel.

Church of Tintagel

Humble interior of the church of Tintagel

action inside the medieval post office @ Tintagel

Rose @ the Post Office garden

In the village we bought a cornish pastry of which we have heard so much and wanted to try. We chose one with onion and cheese filling which was delicious.

Cornish Pastry

As we were running out of time we left Cornwall and drove east in direction to Oxford. On the way we stopped at Yeovil, where we visited the Fleet Air Arm Museum of the Royal Navy. Beside of many planes and helicopters the museum shows also the Concorde Nr 2 and you can experience a helicopter flight to an aircraft carrier, watch the take off and landing of an aircraft and visit the „Island“ the control tower of an aircraft carrier of the 70s. Very interesting!

Cockpit of Concorde No. 002 in 1968

smiling face of a Fighter Jet of the Britisch Navy

control room inside the aircraft carrier of the 70´s

communication officer at work
Historic war plane of 1915

For the night we were searching again for a parking, which is very hard, if you don’t want to ignore the signs saying „No overnight parking“. But at the end we stopped near Avebury at a parking just of the street next to Silbury Hill.

Stop for the night near Avebury

The next morning we walked from there through the fields to Avebury and had a look at the henge which has the village partly inside of the stone circle.

Silbury Hill
Avebury Henge

Next we passed Marlborough, which has a really lovely center.



classic fashion @ Marlborough

Finally we reached Oxford, where we chose the camping not too far from the center. After we have payed 30 Pounds/night we found out that they don’t have a service station for motorhomes! But they were very helpful and we could empty our tank at a gully which we reached without a problem.

Oxford, very busy town!

We walked into the center, which was very busy and visited many shops and the covered market, which has many nice stalls.

In the evening we met our son’s friend and went for dinner together.

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