England (6) – Lanhydrock – Land’s End


It was a sunny Sunday and many people were enjoying the gardens of Lanhydrock. It was a short walk to the Victorian country home which once was home to a big family.

Lady in historic costume @ Lanhydrock
Dinner menu
Billard for gentlemen @ Lanhydrock
Library with hand writen books dating from 1509
Long Gallery

Afterwards, we drove to the coast again, soon reaching Fowey. There was a big parking from where it was a short walk into this little village at an estuary. We were looking for a Sunday roast but were too late for that.

Fowey Harbour

We wanted to go to Charlestown the next day, to visit the shipwreck museum so we stopped on the way at Par, where we took a walk along the beach before we went to the Ship Inn, where we were allowed to spend the night.

The next day it was a short drive to Charlestown, where we had a walk around the old harbour and breakfast at the Pier House before we enjoyed the museum with an immense number of artefacts from ship wrecks.

Charlestown Harbour
Charlestown harbour, used as scenery for some movies ..
historic boats @ Charlestown
Coins found at shipwrecks @ shipwreck museum Charlestown

We were heading now to the Lizard Peninsula but stopped first at Trelissick estate, where we wandered through the gardens and enjoyed the views.

Trelissick Garden

At Lizard, we found a still open campsite with great views to the coastline. We took a long walk along the cliffs and to the lighthouse, where we enjoyed the sunset before we made our way back home.

Coast @ Lizard Peninsula
Sunset @ Lizard

The next day, we drove along the coast until we reached St. Michael’s Mount, a similar island like Mont Saint Michel in France. It was low tide so we could walk over the path to the island and visit the castle.

St. Michael’s Mount
view from the castle to the foot path to the castle at low tide

As the english schools had their mid term break, many families with children were visiting the castle and story tellers and a castle quest was set up for them.

children watching the story teller

We managed to take the walk back just before the tide came back. Otherwise we would have needed to take a boat.

Shortly before we reached Land’s End, we stopped first at a 3000 year old stone circle called the Merry Maidens and then at the Telegraph Museum in Porthcurno.

Yoga @ Merry Maidens

At this little bay, the first telegraph cable from America reached Great Britain and soon many more from different directions. Even today many fibre cables through the ocean end here. The exhibition was very interesting and especially the videos helped to understand the historic machines on display.

map of cable connection in 1890
Telegraph Museum of Cable&Wireless
WWII short wave transceiver
used for world wide morse communication in 1940

At the most western point of England, we stopped at another campsite for the night.

sunset and ham radio communication @ Lands End

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