Ecopista do Dão – Part 2

The plan was to continue the Ecopista the next day from the point where we had turned around in Tondela, but the weather put a spoke into our wheel ;-). The next day it was raining cats and dogs, so we decided to drive on. We found a very interesting museum in Caramulo – details on a seperate post – and a beautiful dolmen near Arca!

Would make a beautiful bus stop!
In the evening, we reached Viseu, the actual starting point of the Ecopista do Dão, where a free caravan parking with service station is available: 40.664791, -7.917428.
The next day, we first visited Viseu before we hopped on the bikes again. The weather was sunny with big clouds hanging around, which didn’t scare us.
Former train station with an open bar!
Poster of a train running along this route
Engine Driver Cordy
Hopping onto the train

The route was going softly up and down hill, so we didn’t worry much of driving back up again. We decided to do 20 km in one direction as we did from the other side, so we turned around shortly after the only longer tunnel. This part of the Ecopista had no burned forests along the route, which was delightful. The landscape was beautiful and the weather was good until we had reached our camper again. 15 minutes after we had packed away our bikes it started to rain – lucky us!

Many trial sections near Viseu
Flower of the day

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