Don’t miss the Alto Adige

South Tyrol or Alto Adige, how it is called in Italian, truely is a wonderful part of Europe. There are the mountains and valleys, the people, the food and of course the weather. All in all an area where we want to spend more time ūüėČ

We were now in the western part of South Tyrol called Vinschgau where we had stopped at a Camping in Latsch. The valley of the river Etsch is used completely for apple plantations and the sunny hillsides for wine and further up every possible spot is used for pastures.

Valley of the Etsch @ Vinschgau

The area is dry as the high mountains protect it from most of the rain. But the rivers carry water all year and were probably already used by the Romans to water the plantations and to run little mills. Sophisticated channels called Waal lead along the hillside on different levels and distribute the water along the way. There was always a path along the Waal for maintenance, which is today a tourist attraction, as you can walk along this water channels on even paths along the valley.

Latschander Waal
Detour to a farm called Pfraumhof

A farm called Pfraumhof invites hikers to have a rest and enjoy the view, but also provide drinks and homemade dishes from their farm. I had an Apfelstrudel again, which was delicious!!


Often the Waal led through light forest, which made beautiful shade on this hot day. In some parts we saw chestnut trees. The chestnuts will be roasted in autumn and served together with the young wine at the famous Törggelen. We also crossed a river, from which another Waal got its water before we reached the little town of Tschars, from where we took the train back home to Latsch.

Flower and Bee of the Day

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