Devín Castle

On our first day in Slovakia, we visited Devín Castle and were lucky to arrive during the festival for the typical current wine.

A market with different stalls from food and current wine to crafts of different kinds was going on, while a brass band played swing music and people in historic costumes were dancing or riding historic bikes.
The Funny Fellows
Colourful sweets
Red current, black current or mixed current wine to taste
one bottle went home with us 😉
Fruit stall with all types of currents and gooseberries
Delicious strudel

We couldn’t resist these different types of strudel, so we chose curd cheese with apricot and poppy seeds with cherries to take home.  

Veggie burger
Finally, we reached the castle

During summer a medieval festival is going on with typical stalls and different shows with knight tournaments. Everybody was dressed in great costumes despite the heat.

The castle has a long history due to its position at the confluence of the March or Morawa with the Danube. The Napoleonic Army blew it up, but the remains are well maintained, and an exhibition explains the history and shows artefacts of different periods.

From the right comes the March or Morawa, which forms the border between Austria and Slovakia for many kilometres.

A historic bike club was there, showing not only their bikes, but they were all dressed accordingly.
The flower of the day was well visited, so I could use my macro lens:

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