Denia and Cullera

beach front villa – Denia

A weekend trip took us to the historic towns of Denia and Cullera south of Valencia.

We arrived in the evening at a parking directly at the beach of Denia, where camping is not allowed but it’s no problem to park there with the camper. (38°50’52.8″N 0°06’08.2″E)
We were the only car that night and had an empty beach in front of us. It’s just a short walk to the restaurants next to the big harbour of Denia, where we went for dinner before we spent a calm night directly at the beach.

parking at the beach and close to the town of Denia

The next morning we took a long walk along the beach which we could follow north until Cullera or further. But we turned around for our breakfast “at home”, before we drove to the other end of the harbour (Parking: 38°50’11.0″N 0°07’11.0″E)
We took a stroll through the marina and along the restaurants where we discovered a vegetarian restaurant called Sunrise Eatery. After admiring all the different boats and the view we headed into town. We walked up the famous Marques de Campos main street with shops and restaurants. From there it’s not far to the castle, which gives you a nice view over the town with its harbour and the Montgo mountain in the south.

Marina de Denia
Denia and it’s castle from the marina
Marques de Campo – Denia
Umberto Masetti – world champion 1950 -52 500cc

Back at the camper, we drove north along the coast. There is a main road along the coast for many kilometres, which suddenly ends at a small creek. A sign “Peligro! Fin de carretera” warned us, but we couldn’t believe it before we saw it and had to turn around.

We had to take the N332 through Oliva, but then we found smaller roads via Piles leading to Grau de Gandia along the coast again. Some roads were a little bit narrow for us with the oncoming traffic but the Spanish drivers were patient as always.

We reached the port of Gandía, where we stopped at a big empty parking directly at the harbour.
(38°59’39.0″N 0°09’34.8″W) We made a stroll to the marina and along the beach to the north before we returned and took the road north again.
Cullera with its name written in big letters on the mountain has a beautiful church next to the castle above town. It offers a big area for campers, which was well used. (39°09’20.1″N 0°14’30.5″W)
We parked on the street behind the modern apartment buildings at the beach, but you could also park behind the dunes close to the mouth of the Jucar river.

caravan parking behind the dunes of Cullera beach
beach in front of the apartment building where we parked

We take a look around at sunset before we spent a comfortable night while the camper was swinging like a cradle in the storm which had started during the night.

In the morning it was sunny and we took a walk along the beach, which is wide and beautiful.
Along the beach front with the more or less modern apartment blocks
we encountered some old little houses which still have a lot of charm.

On the way back, the weather changed and rain and heavy wind made us race back home. We decided to wait until it got better before we walked into town and up to the castle.

Cullera beach

But then the phone rang and our son asked us to pick him up. He is not far from us with his bike fighting the storm from the front and the heavy rain. We had pity and left Cullera to pick him up, postponing the town of Cullera to another weekend.

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