Den Haag fotomuseum & meeting a friend

In Den Haag we went to visit a good friend, but had some time for one of the many museums this city offers. We chose the fotomuseum where the work of 3 different photographers were shown at that time.

Eddy Posthuma De Boer, born in 1931, is one of the most important post-war Dutch photographers. His photos document life in the Netherlands but also abroad during the centuries after the war. In his pictures the development of youth culture with jazz and rock and roll music, and the widespread social unrest of the late 1960s and 1970s takes an important part, showing mostly every-day people.

Completely different were the photos of Helena van der Kraan (1940-2020). She has photographed over two hundred teddy bears over the past few years, portraying them in the same way she portrays people. We were fascinated by the different personalities of the bears, which were expressed in these pictures.

In the evening we met our friend Hubert who was our neighbour in Spain for 6 years. Now our paths had parted, but we are happy that we are still in contact and that we had the chance to meet him again here in Den Haag.
@ Restaurant Catch in Scheveningen at the harbour
We enjoyed an excellent dinner paired with a nice French wine
So yummy!!!

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