Defending Cartagena

Cabo Tiñoso
Whether you have an interest in military history or not, the Cabo Tiñoso west of Cartagena is worth a visit. Already the drive there on a narrow mountain road gives stunning views along the coast.

Road up to Cabo Tiñoso
View out of the command bunker to a Vickers 381mm gun targeting the sea
In 1926, a battery was constructed on the rocky cliff 220 metres above the sea to defend the important military port of Cartagena. It was in use till 1994, but the guns have never been removed.
Wall painting in the bunker, to identify the enemy ships
The battery Castillitos houses 2 enormous Vikers 381mm guns made in the UK. Each measures 17 metres in length and could fire a projectile weighing a ton over a distance of 35km.
Vickers 38,1 cm / 45 Model 1926
The architecture of the fortifications is quite bizarre, with almost Disneyesque turrets and towers.
The parking (4×4 recommended), made a great overnight spot for us with unbeatable views over the sea and along the coast. (37.540979, -1.126317)
Flower of the day

We will continue now along the coast further south – more next!

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