Coast around Cádiz

After visiting Jerez, we wanted to discover the coast in the south for a little bit. East of Cádiz we found beautiful beaches and lovely towns like Verjer de la Frontera.
Unbelievable sunrise at Verjer de la Frontera from our “bedroom” window !

Near Roche, we stopped and went for a long walk along the beautiful beach.

Covered in sand, tired but happy 🙂

Verjer de la Frontera lies a little inland on a prominent hill with old city walls and a castle on top. We nearly got lost in little streets leading up and down.

At El Jardin del Califa at the main square, we had tea accompanied by Moroccan sweets and later a nice dinner with Mezze, Tajines and broquetas…

Moroccan sweets
Main square at Verjer de la Frontera

The next day, we had the most amazing sunrise in front of our bedroom window. The fog in the valley and the lights from the village made an incredible view (picture at the top). This day we went for a hike along the coast (more on a separate post) before we visited the archeological site of Baelo Claudia.

Punta Paloma aqueduct

The city of Baelo Claudia was founded in the 2nd century BC. It was the connecting port with North Africa and dedicated to the industry of salt curing and producing garum. An earthquake devastated the city in the 3rd century AD and around the 7th century AD Baelo Claudia was abandoned.

Basilica – a two-storey building used as a courthouse

Baelo Claudia contains all the characteristic elements of a Roman city: the forum, the temples, the basilica, administrative buildings, the market, the theatre, the thermae, the industrial quarter, aqueducts and a city wall with its gates.

The theatre orientated to the south and the sea
Entering the temples
Forum square and the Basilica in the south

From there, we drove west again to the mouth of the Guadalquivir river at Sanlúcar de Barrameda. We took a hike along the river and enjoyed the sunset.

Waiting very concentrated for his human to come back with his boat

The next morning, we walked into town and to the market to buy some fruits and veggies. It was very busy and the variety of fish offered was incredible. We bought some honey from a lady selling her products an a small stall in the street and finally found a fereteria – a hardware store, where we bought some hooks and screws for 40,- Cent, wrapped in a sheet of paper. I love this little individual shops in Spain, in Austria they have already disappeared.

flower of the day

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