Chat with Anthony @ Arykanda

From Finike we wanted to find the archaeological site of Limyra, but missed the turn-off and landed instead further inland at Arykanda, where we met a lovely old man, who showed us around.

Anthony Quinn dubber

We had parked near the sign to Arykanda, but were not sure where to go. An old man addressed us and told us that he was for 32 years looking after the archaeological site and is now retired. He spoke very good English and German and offered to show us around. (Parking for Arykanda: 36.516428, 30.049769 from here a small road leads 1.5 km up to the site, you can drive up of course)

His old Renault was taking us up the road
Lively road up to Arykanda

Directly behind the entrance are new excavations of a villa with a big patio with columns and beautiful mosaic floors. Anthony told us that in his time this was the area where the cars parked and where he was sitting under a big tree during midday, not knowing what lies just under the surface.

Bath complex

Arykanda lies in the valley of the river Karasu on the steep slopes of the hillside. To explore the city, you have to climb from one terrace to the next on steep stairs leading up.

Entering the theatre
I liked the little pillars to both sides of the stairs

Anthony told us, that they sometimes do music performances here in summer. The form of the rows ensure a very good acoustic, no microphones and speakers were needed.

This tree was tiny when Anthony started to work here, now he is worried what will happen to the theatre if the tree falls.
Walls to secure the hill with flower shaped stones
Very impressive bath complex
Reconstructed gable end
Mausoleum of a rich family
On the right you can see Atlas once carrying the world.

Down at the main road, we went for a Çhai to warm up again. At the stalls we bought a big jar of honey, carob and figs before we said goodbye to Anthony and drove back down to Finike again.

Türk kahve
Mustafa sold us some honey
Old man selling grounded carob

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