Car rescue @ the beach

The beach near Ephesos was well visited by locals driving up and down on the sand, but not all of them were careful enough and got stuck. Some managed to get out on their own, another one needed some recue.

We had chosen a bay in the dunes to park for the night, so that we didn’t stand in the way of cars driving along the beach.

In the morning people arrived to go fishing, driving carelessly through the sand until they were stuck.

Digging by hand didn’t get him anywhere
The sand, no problem for us, even on normal tire pressure.
When we came to the rescue we parked in a good distance and used the winch instead of towing them out. This way we didn’t risk to dug ourselves in while pulling him.
Pulling out the rope 

About 20 meters distance to cover
Connecting the winch rope

Rope under stress while pulling the car out

We did it easily with the help of two persons pushing
Free again
We managed to leave the beach without any difficulties, job done!

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