@ Cape Kolka

On the way to Cape Kolka, the north-western limit of the Gulf of Riga, we visited the harbour town of Ventspils and travelled along a marvellous coast of endless sand beaches with pine forests behind them.

Parking @ Ventspils
Daisy & Cordy
We found Ventspils a very fascinating town, very green and full of parks with the industrial harbour on the other side of the river. 
Cape Kolka, where the sea meets
Cranberry? cowberry? lingonberry? – Preiselbeere!
If somebody can tell me what the correct english name for the European red berry is, I would be grateful ūüėČ There seems to be a big confusion when I looked it up. 
Beside cranberries the forest is full of blueberries at the moment and we noticed that a lot of blueberry picking is going on. Big parts of the forest are covered by moss and heather which is in bloom now. Incredibly beautiful!!
Heather in bloom
Another wonderful day is ending. Tomorrow we are going to explore a secret Soviet spying station! Look out for our next post!

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