Building a hyper modern tourist site ..

Near Tsalka, at the 2000 meter high volcanic plateau, the Dashbashi Canyon is cut deep into the landscape. The “weeping wall” of small waterfalls at the bottom of the canyon sounded enticing. When we reached the area, we were in the middle of a nearly finished giant tourism enhancing project. A suspension bridge with a glas diamond, which might feature a bar when finished, is already spanning the canyon. A walkway along the canyon and a comfortable path down into the canyon are all nearly finished. A complex of chalets is built next to it and probably a restaurant next to the bridge. Everything is fenced in so we couldn’t even walk into the valley. Instead we walked through the village and to a little church, from where we had a great view.

Suspension bridge with a diamond in the middle
Chalet village soon to be finished
Ticket office for the bridge
Dashbashi Canyon
Gravestone in the shape of a horse in front of the little church of Dashbashi

This sight was such a big contrast to the empty landscape with little villages, it was somehow a shock. We hope that it will soon get finished and will be a big tourist magnet, which might give the region a needed boost.

Cows waiting in front of the pub

Paravani Lake at 2000 metres is the biggest lake of Georgia. We read that the lake will soon be frozen, with the thickness of the ice between 47 to 73 cm. I wonder if they go ice skating? We already had temperatures below zero at night and a strong wind was rocking our camper.

Paravani Lake
Parking for the Night

The cold wind in this area made us look for a warmer destination, which we hopefully will find when we get a bit lower. We will be driving down a valley to Vardzia – the famous cave town, which we want to visit next. More on the following post!

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  1. Dashbashi Canyon, der brachiale Eingriff mit der Brücke, schrecklich! Touristische Aufschliessung durch sanften Tourismus sind auch in unseren Breiten oft noch nicht angekommen, wie Aussichtsplattformen am Dachstein und Hohe Wand zeigen.

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