BBQ at the beach

We were looking for a nice place at the coast South of Leonidio and found the bay of Fokianós, where we enjoyed the beach and the Greek taverns.

Fokianós can only be reached on long, winding roads over the mountains and past little villages. At the end we descended to a fabulous bay of crystal clear water, white pebbles and no houses beside two Greek taverns.

Edi at the beach!

In the evening we wanted to support the local gastronomy and went to one of the taverns where a lovely couple had us look into the kitchen to show us the fresh fish we could choose from. We also had a huge Greek salad, some roasted aubergines, tzatziki of course and some potatoes. As dessert, we were treated to some sweet fruits we could not identify by our hosts. It was a lovely evening. (We were the only guests.)

A new day

The next day we had a barbecue at the beach where we were camping. We had roasted aubergines and courgettes with Halloumi cheese and homemade tzatziki.

Some trees gave us enough shade, and we had a lovely lunch at our camper overlooking the bay, where sailing boats came and left during the day.
Tzatziki and salad…
…served with homemade radler
We left Fokianós in the late afternoon on a new and wide road leading along the coast for about 15 kilometres before it ended suddenly in a little village where we had to struggle again to get through the narrow, steep and windy roads of the village. We didn’t understand the purpose of the new road, as it connects a lonely beach with a small village, where the street suddenly ends – very strange 😉
Adrenalin rush caused by this street
Small roads winding through the Parnon mountains
Oncoming traffic would cause headache …

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