Balos Beach

The north-western tip of Crete is a peninsula inhabited only by sheep and goats. But there is one beach not many can resist visiting: Balos beach with its turquoise lagoon!

To get there you could take a boat from Kissamos, which run regularly in summer, but in winter there is only an 8 km gravel road to get there. It was a little bit washed out due to the recent rains and small rocks had fallen down from the cliff, but in general the road was good to drive on.

On the way to Balos beach
Only road on the peninsula to get near the beach
Rockslide to watch out for
We had arrived in the evening and had spent an incredible calm night in front of the gate to the natural park. The gate was open, but camping and staying overnight inside was prohibited, so we respected that. The next morning it was only a short drive to the parking, from where it is a short hike until you can see the lagoon from above.

The dark clouds around us didn’t wait until we were back at the car. Instead, rain poured down shortly after we had decided it is time to walk back up again. We were a little soaked when we arrived at the parking, but this is one of the good sides when you travel with a camper, you can make yourself comfortable again in no time. As the weather wasn’t getting better, we cooked a nice carrot and onion stew with mashed potatoes, worked on the computer and read a little while.

The weather forecast predicted more rain the next two days, so we decided to leave the peninsula the same day, to avoid the road getting even more soaked.

Many washed out parts needed careful driving
Goat of the Day!
We drove to the big beach of Falasarna, where we parked for the night and used a sunny spell the next day to go for a walk along the beach.

Parking for the night
Morning walk
Flower of the Day

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