From the highway to Salamanca we had already a first impression of the city walls of Ávila, which made it clear: we will have to stop here on the way back. After leaving Salamanca we arrived in Ávila in the evening and the weather was bad, but we hoped for better conditions the next morning.

There is a free highway connecting Ávila with Salamanca, which leads through endless fields, most of them deep green at this time of the year. The mixture of dark clouds and some sun getting through made a great scenery.

Ávila – waiting to be discovered
We used a big parking close to the city walls  to stay overnight. The next morning the sun was shining again and we headed into town.
Plaza Mercado Chico
Harley parking only!
When reaching the cathedral, a procession just started. We later found out that on the 2nd of May Ávila is celebrating the pilgrimage of San Segundo, patron saint
of the city, commemorating the transfer of the saint’s remains to the Ávila cathedral in 1594.
San Segundo leaves the Cathedral

Folklore groups were leading the processions with colorful traditional costumes, dancing with castanets to the music of the brass band behind them.

The clergymen then followed the sculpture of San Segundo, which was carried around town.
San Segundo
Later we met the procession again, now with giant figures in front. There was even a crocodile.
San Segundo gets no rest
Dancing to the castanets
After so much spiritual celebrations we finally took a walk on the walls of Ávila which are the most complete in all of Spain.
The construction had started in 1090 but most of the defensive wall has been rebuilt in the 12th century. It is about 2,500 meters long and includes 88! semicircular towers. What an impressive town and what a great experience to visit Ávila during a fiesta.
Parking for the night in the back
Flower & bee of the day

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