Around the Netherlands: Rotterdam

Today we visited the impressive modern market hall building, where we had breakfast at a couple of different stalls – you can sample very delicious food here.

market hall from the outside
…and from the inside


Just opposite are the Kubus buildings, where you can visit one of the houses in this crazy shape.


Kubus houses

At the Erasmus bridge we bought tickets for a harbour cruise, which is a great way to visit the huge harbour area of Rotterdam. We were lucky and the sun was shining. We saw a lot of docks and ships of all sizes, and also come past the SS Rotterdam, wich we want to visit next.


Chinese Restaurant in form of a giant boat
at the harbour
do you spot the emergency exit ?

At the SS Rotterdam, you can book a tour through the ship, which is now a hotel and restaurant. We saved the money and just took a coffee at the bar on the deck instead.


SS Rotterdam – now a hotel


On our way home we stopped again at the market hall to get some bread and tomatoes.

In the evening, we went into town again to eat at a Sushi Restaurant, but it was closed so we went to a Vapiano restaurant, which offers pasta and pizza which are prepared in front of you. It was opposite the train station.

What we also liked about Rotterdam, is the completely mixed population with so many interesting faces. Just to sit and watch people walk by is fascinating.

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