Around the Netherlands: Mainaschaff – Maastricht


The next day we drive on through Germany past Aachen and finally get into the Netherlands.

There is no border control of course but immediately the style of the houses changes and you see many people use their bikes to go around.

Our first stop is at the Dreilandenpunt near Vaals

Here the borders of Germany, Belgium and Netherlands meet and you can look into the three countries from a tower.
It also is the highest point of the Netherlands with 322 meters.

We took the first tower, which is very nice to go up and look around, it even has a skywalk, but it’s the wrong one.
Finally we walk to the right place where a boarder stone and the 3 flags mark the exact spot.

Half an hour later we reach Maastricht and the parking for motor homes:

a very nice place next to the river Maas, good connection to the city by bike
We take out our bikes and cycle into the city, going through the center, past the market place and a place called Vrijthof. We cross the river Maas into the Ceramique District and drive past the Bonnifanten Museum.

a church turned into a gym = “worship your body”

Finally we do some shopping, everything goes into the backpack and home at the caravan we prepare delicious pasta for dinner.

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