Around the Netherlands: Leiden – Gouda – Delft

109 km


Today we drove in a circle to visit Gouda and Delft.  The rain stopped and we had a great time visiting this two interesting cities.

Gouda offers a parking close to the center called Klein Amerika, where you could also stay overnight, we just used it to park and walk into town.


Gouda – Klein Amerika 
52.0123 , 4.7162
parking with enough spaces for caravans, close to the center

  We come past cheese shops, where you can sample all different kinds of Gouda cheese and of course we bought a couple of different flavoured ones to enjoy during the next days. 


cheese shop


We had some “Frites”, while we walked over the market place with a beautiful town house and came to the Janskerk, which is a must see in Gouda. It has impressive glas windows and while we walked around, somebody was playing the organ, which created a special atmosphere.




Our next stop was Delft, where we parked next to Ikea and took the bikes for a short ride to the center.


Delft – Olof Palmestraat
52°00’47.1″N 4°22’40.8″E
free parking next to Ikea

Delft has a big market place with a beautiful town house and streets with canals around it. We missed the Vermeer Museum, which would have been interesting to visit. So we just strolled around, before we went back and drove to a caravan parking at a farm not far from Aaslmeer, where we want to be tomorrow morning.

Delft town house
caravan parking in Abbenes – Roubus farm

52°13’34 , 4°37’8

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