Après ski @ Gerlitzen

We went to explore another skiing area in Carinthia – the Gerlitzen. On that mountain lies a fantastic spa hotel, the Feuerberg, which we truly can recommend. If you want to spoil yourself – go there. The skiing area is not very challenging but the view from this mountain next to lake Ossiach is just incredible.

old farm house
We came past the central point of Carinthia
Fantastic view from the Gerlitzen

There are 2 big parkings where you could stay overnight with your camper, both are directly at the lift, which makes the Gerlitzen very camper friendly. We recommend the parking in Klösterle, where it is more quiet: 46.730481, 13.914208.

Normally a fun part of skiing in Austria are the “Schihütt’n”, mountain huts, from cozy to big which are restaurants, bars and entertainment areas, providing an important part to the experience of skiing in Austria. Sadly everything is closed during lockdown, only some try to survive with take away. As the lockdown was just prolonged, the skiing areas might soon close completely, as running the lifts just increases their financial loss.

That was our après ski experience: take away “Kaiserschmarrn” – a traditional Austrian sweet dish, with hot drinks enjoyed at the rubbish bin, which was the only place to put something.

Of course that was all of “Hüttn” flair we got – very sad. It still was very cold and we suffered from frozen fingers and toes, but the skiing was great, with no people and a lot of snow.

In all the skiing areas we went to, we saw a lot of people doing backcountry skiing – walking up the hill with their skis using skins. That’s a great sport at the moment, if you have the equipment. I thought about getting it, but the shops are not open and to buy such equipment online makes no sense. So we will stick to normal skis, which we also had to borrow by the way – thanks to Flo and my parents.

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  1. Wow, the view from the Gerlitzen is truly fantastic! I’d love to go there some day.

    Best wishes for you travels, keep on blogging and stay safe and healthy!
    Your old friend Steve

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