Ancient Messene Hike

Our first destination, after we had finally left our camping at the coast, was Ancient Messene, the impressive ruins of the large classical city-state refounded in 369 BC at the site of an even older town. The archeological site was closed due to Corona, but we had intended to climb the mountain Ithome anyway. The view from the monastery on top of the mountain was spectacular.

At the parking of the archeological site we had met a family of 6, which travels with their caravan since 2 years. The morning was spent with talking about this and that, which we truly enjoyed. If you want to look them up: @touristswithkids

Spring in the centre of the village Mavromati
Climbing the hill …
… and enjoying the great weather

Finally we reached the monastery Voulcanos at the top (798m). It was built above the ruins of a temple dedicated to Zeus. The Acropolis of the ancient city, where the population could seek refuge in case of a threat, was here once.

Monastery Voulcanos
Fascinating stone formations
Peek inside through a small opening in the door
Energy for our hike back

Back in the village, there was a little shop, desperately waiting for tourists. We went inside and bought a couple of things to increase sales a little.

Flower of the Day

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