Amersfoort and the Pannenkoekenhuis

From Utrecht we went to explore the town of Amersfoort, just a short drive to the north-east, before we explored the Rhijnauwen near Utrecht and visited a lovely Pannenkoekenhuis directly at the river Kromme Rijn.

All the P&R places had a height limit so we drove in direction of the centre and were lucky to find a parking along the street where we could stay for 2 hours. Not always easy to leave a car of our size 😉

Kamperbinnenport – one of the city gates

First glimpse of the Onze-Lieve-Vrouwetoren

Street of the Muurhuizen (Wall-houses)

Museum Flehite

Koppelport from the city

Koppelport from outside

This port controlled the entrance into the city by land and by water

Flehite Museum at 3 renovated wall houses from the 16th century


This tower once belonged to a church which was destroyed by a gunpowder explosion in the 18th century. If the story is true the fire was caused by a soldier scraping rust from his gun. The Late Gothic building is 98.33 metres tall and the third highest church tower in the Netherlands.

Back to Utrecht we went to the Rhijnauwen – a park like forest along the river which is a favourite recreational area for the people of Utrecht. At the riverbank a popular Pannenkoekenhuis serves Pannenkoeken – Dutch pancakes – with every kind of filling. Of course we couldn’t visit the Netherlands without going at least once to a Dutch Pannenkoekenhuis 😉
Teehuis Rhynauwen
Restaurant garden at the river
That’s what you need to eat your pannenkoeken!
First the ingredients, then the dough

and flip it over!

We went first for savoury ones and then the sweet ones. Our favourite was with apple, cinnamon and roasted almonds, very delicious!
Flower of the Day

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