African sweet corn fritters

When our son joined us for breakfast, it was time for a special treat which for us is connected with one of our journeys to Africa: sweet corn fritters!

The flat griddle of our Cadac Safari Chef came in handy again for preparing the fritters. The first time we had them was at a safari camp in Botswana for breakfast, where they were prepared in front of us and were so delicious we couldn’t stop having one after the other!

The dough is simple to prepare:

100 g flour (I used spelt whole grain flour)
1 teaspoon of baking powder
a pinch of salt
mixed together with one egg
150 ml of milk
and last but not least you add
200 g of sweet corn, drained and dried a little between sheets of paper towels

1 tablespoon of the dough makes one little fritter

We had apricot jam with the fritters, which came from my parents and their garden in Austria – a great combination.
Want to try one?

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