A visit to Githio

We had good memories from our last visit to Githio, when we had enjoyed the lively atmosphere and the restaurants around the harbour. This time we were happy that shops were opening up again and we could have a look around.

We had dropped all our dirty clothes at a laundry to get washed. While we waited, we walked through the small streets where the town climbs up the hill behind the harbour.

He asked us to take his picture, while he was repairing a house

Coffee shops and bakeries are numerous in Greece. At the moment, take away is the solution for closed cafes and restaurants. But also without the lockdown, the Greeks like to pick up a coffee to go.

Enjoying the sun

After all our washing was delivered to our caravan – what a great service! – we drove further North, passing the ship wreck we had visited before (see post: A ship wreck & a crash test).

Our next destination is one of the longest inhabited towns at the Peloponnese – do you already know which town it is? More on our next post!

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