A ship wreck & a crash test

We were on the way to this ship wreck when we had a little crash into a balcony 🙁

As usually, we were making our way along windy roads and through villages with extra narrow passages. At one village we had to navigate through a roundabout which was around a church – a first for us.
Roundabout church 
We stopped to wait for this pickup full of straw bales …
… watching him fascinated …
… not registering the balcony in front of us …
… which might have been attacked by other cars before us 🙁
After the crash, we stopped to check the damage
The branch deflector took the first impact
Luckily the damage is only superficially …
… but along the whole cabin
We were surprised the damage was not that severe as the impact had made us assume. We realised only later that day that we had a picture of the culprit. The owner of the mistreated balcony didn’t mind that one more car ran into it. He was quite relaxed about it.
A narrow bridge in exchange for narrow streets

But finally we made it and reached a lovely beach just north of Githion which has a rusty surprise. (Parking: 36.789098, 22.582206)
The ship named Dimitrios was a small, 67-metre cargo ship built in Denmark in 1950. It stranded on the beach at Valtaki in December 1981. How it got there is the source of many stories.

The gnawing tooth of time 
So curious!
Enough holes to look inside
Matching colours …
A last glance

After a relaxing afternoon at this lovely beach, we drove south into Githio, where we parked at the pier and took a walk along all the restaurants at the harbour until we could decide on the right one for dinner.

Parking for the night
Not our kind of food
The restaurant we went to had an astounding offer on vegetarian dishes, as generally it is easy to find something with vegetables in every Greek restaurant. We wanted to try as much as possible so we ordered way to much: Tzatziki, a typical type of Bruschetta (photo), giant beans, beetroot – very nice served steamed with the leaves, pastry filled with cheese and sprinkled with honey, courgette patties and typical pasta with cheese crumbles and fried eggs on top. We went home with a big doggy bag, which made a nice dinner the next day 🙂

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