A Karelian autumn day

What a sucessful day! After we went for a hike to the rapids of Ruunaa near Lieksa, we visited Karelian houses and Edi found this wonderful boletus. The day ended of course at another camp fire.

We had spent the night at the River Lieksanjoki, where we had a campfire in the evening. (Campfire Nr. 4: 63.378002, 30.345775). In the morning we went to the end of this road to start our hike along the rapids. At this parking called Siikakosken pysäköintialue 😉 there would have been an even nicer spot for a campfire (63.338350, 30.457119).

Campfire Nr. 4
River Lieksanjoki

Along the river are many campfire places
Only fly fisching allowed!
One even had an oven to smoke the fish you managed to catched!

After our hike we were on the way to a Karelian village in Nurmes with is more a hotel complex, were at this time of the year there wasn’t much going on, we didn’t even get a coffee as everything was closed.

Between the many dangerous looking mushrooms Edi found a very delicious one. Our friends Rosi & Dieter confirmed that it is really a boletus.  Edi sliced it and it is now drying and soon will find its way into a potato soup ore something else.

Driving along endless gravel roads …
… until we found our spot at this lake

Campfire Nr. 5: 63.815800,29.193800 in the middle of nowhere. We grilled half a pumpkin, onions and potatoes. Togehter with sour creme a delicious dinner!

Ending the day with a bottle of whiskey 😉

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