75000 Km Service inspection @ Antalya

We are currently in Turkey and our “cochecito” indicates the next upcoming service inspection after about 73000 kilometres of duty. We decided to check if we could do the “original Mercedes inspection” in Antalya.
WhatsApp conversation with Mercedes Antalya

After a short google search and one email, we got in touch with a very kind lady. On WhatsApp, we arranged a service appointment in Antalya for the next week.

Details about where to go!
We arrived at 9 o’clock for the service inspection.
Here we go ……
Let’s register our car details …
All done, time to start …
Perfect environment, super friendly and competent mechanics.
Engine with removed air filter case (after 10 minutes of work)
Left: oil filter, right: Diesel filter
Air filter after 12 months on the road
New air filter in place
Filling of 12,5 litres of “Mercedes” engine oil
Finally: OBD Computer check of all car parameters: “all good”
Engine reassembled and cleaned to perfection
Invoice details: Work, filters and oil 
1 Euro = 6,5 TL  (Total Euro 195.-)
Thanks to service manager Mr. Levent Diler, the best Service in Turkey!!!

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