Day: 2 August 2022

The Waterberg hike

At the Waterberg National Park, we shared our campsite (and accidentally our food) with numerous baboons, but we came here to climb the cliffs of the Waterberg and enjoy the view from the top. We didn’t even see them coming, had they already stolen a bag of apples from the inside of the pickup. The …

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Dino tracks in the sand

After tackling some gravel roads again, the common type of roads in Namibia, we reached the Otjihaenamaparero farm in the Kalkveld region. From the campsite it was a short walk to the petrified footprints of some therapods. Approx. 200 million years ago, the dinosaurs left their footprints in the sand, and some crazy circumstances allow …

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Our first Giraffes!

When we left the Düsternbrook Farm, we had our first encounter with the elegant giraffes – a good start for our tour together with our son through Namibia! We are now on the way to the dinosaurs – more on our next post!

Leopard & Cheetah

After leaving Windhoek again, we stopped just 1 hour north, at the Düsternbrook Farm, where we had a campsite next to the riverbed and went on a “game drive” to watch them feed their cats, which life in an enclosure on the farm. First, they place some pieces of meet on a tree, that the …

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