20 minutes “we-travel” at the Austrian nationwide TV station ORF

Early morning at the Küniglberg, Vienna

We were invited by an Austrian TV programme called “Guten Morgen Österreich” (Good Morning Austria) with about 300 000 viewers to talk about living and travelling in our camper for 3 years now. We could spend the night already at the TV station in Vienna and very early in the morning we met the team and got set up for our interviews.

She is doing her best 😉

We parked the camper in front of the cameras, got some make-up, and waited for our time in the programme. The crew took some pictures from the inside and outside of our car and we provided some pictures and videos from our journeys.

Host Lukas and the camera crew squeezed into our camper

It was fun to watch, how such a TV programme is put together and we were impressed, how well organised the whole team worked and how relaxed everything happened. There were other guests there too, and we had the chance to chat a little with very interesting people.

Interview setting

In the end we had 3 live interviews, which we think went very well. At least we enjoyed ourselves! Of course everything was in German, but you might want to watch the video anyway.

First interview @ 06:30
3rd intervew @ 09:00

The coming weekend, we will be at the Globetrotter Rodeo, an event for the off-road travellers. More on our next post!

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