1st anniversary

One year of living in a caravan! And we enjoyed every day which made us celebrate this anniversary.

We were in Austria and it was unbelievably hot. The weather forecast predicted 40 degrees! So we looked for a place, where this heat would be bearable and chose a lovely little camping at a small lake near Berndorf south of Vienna.

Seecamping Masai Mara
To celebrate we also had found a present for ourselves. Till now we had no barbecue, and thought we wouldn’t need one as we are 75% vegetarian. But when we stayed at the Camp Area in Bad Kissingen, where everybody got their gear out and fires where lit until the whole area smelled like a big barbecue, we felt the need to get one ourselves.
Already a year ago we had our eyes on a Cadac Safari Chef 2. It is small but consists of different items: a normal BBQ grid, a flat griddle – great for eggs in the morning, a pot stand for cooking and a big lid, which can be transformed into a kind of wok, great for stews. It is connectable to our gas tank and has foldable legs. Stored in its bag it doesn’t need much room. We tried it already a lot and really enjoy cooking outside!
Peppers and Feta parcels on the BBQ grid
… plus some zucchinis
Our last bottle of french Rosé
Happy Anniversary!!
Some sausages for the half vegetarian 😉
And some potatoes for the vegetarian 🙂
In between a rain cloud passed  …
… which didn’t disturb our celebration

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